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Hi, my name is Dylan Nau. I have been playing and producing music for many years. I've been lucky enough to work with some amazing artists. Here are just a few
Nicholas David
Lady Lark
Ian Alexy
Apollo Cobra
Dave King
Gold Standard
Brandon Wozniak
Zacc Harris
Karate Chop, SIlence
Cory Wong
Har Mar Superstar
John Raymond
Anthony Cox
Phantom Heart
The Heavy Set
Jake Illika
Vox Medusa
Sean McPherson
Kevin Gastonguay
Lydia Liza
Chris Castino (The Big Wu)
Hank Jones
Dave Brubeck
Greg Schutte
And many more...
  • Mac Pro, Antelpe convertors/clock, Pro Tools, Logic, UAD Quad processing(NEVE 88rs, 33609, Lexicon, EMT, DBX 160, Ampex, etc.) Izotope, Waves

  • Pre Amps from Universal Audio, Antelope, Tonelux, Adesigns, Vintech, Trident, UAD. AKG, BLUE, Shure Microphones.

  • Solid State Logic Matrix console, Neve 5088, Tonelux, Mackie

  • Wunder CM7 (2), U87's, 421's, Ribbon mics, Neuman KM184's,  B.L.U.E. Blueberry, AKG 414(2), AKG 451, RODE NTV tube mic, Shure SM57(5), Beta 57, AKG D112, Octava MC-012(2), Yamaha Subkick, E/V and many more.

  • Antelope Goliath (32ins, 24 outs), Eventide, API Pre's, Millenia,  Universal Audio LA-610, SSL EQ(8), SSL Comps(8),Tonelux MP1A Pre (8), Tonelux TXC Comp(8), Tonelux EQ4p (8), UAD quad card. Tonelux 16 channel analog summing mixer, Elysia Stereo Compressor, Elysia stereo EQ, Roland VT-3 and too much more to list.

  • SE Sonic Monroe 150, KRK Rokit 10's, Avantone mix cube, multiple monitoring environments for real life listening.

  • Fender Rhodes Suitcase 88, Hammond C3 with Leslie, Wurlitzer 200a, Yamaha C5 Grand Piano, Yamaha CP20

  • Carr Rambler, Fender Twin (69), Fender Pro Reverb, Magnatone (67), AMPEG B15, Fender Blues Deluxe, Deville, , Mesa Boogie Mark V, Marshal JCM 400. A few old time tube amps.

  • Korg Trident, Korg MS-20, Korg Polysix, Korg Mono/Poly, ARP Odyssey, Roland SH-2, Roland Juno 106, Moog Voyager,  Sequential Prophet 6, Arturia Matrixbrute, Oberheim OB-8, Korg MS-2000, Alesis Andromeda, Doepfer Dark Energy, Elektron Analog 4, NORD Electro 5, Yamaha S90(motif), Yamaha DX7, XoXboX 

  • Elektron Machinedrum, Roland TR-8(S), Sequential Drum Traks, Elektron Octatrack, Alesis HR-16, Alesis MMT-8

  • Paul Reed Smith custom24, Gibson 175, Fender Strat, Heritage 535, Classical gtr(2), Martin D28, Larrivee Acoustic gtr, Banjo, Carter Pedal Steel gtr, Lap Steel, Fender Jazz bass, Fender Mustang bass, 

  • Banshee Talkbox, custom Tubescreamer, Modded DS-1, Line 6 DL-4, Eventide Space & H9, many other gtr pedals/FX

  • Ludwig 4 piece kit, DW Kit, Tase Kit, Multiple snares, cymbals. Djembe, percussion.

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